Autumn 1995
at St Lawrence Church, The Square

Yes to God’s Earth

The theme of this series of talks was Creation.  The speakers looked at how current ideas in cosmology and in biology were influencing our concept of God;  at the ideas of Creation in other world religions;  at creativity as seen by the artist;  at Creation Spirituality;  and then how these ideas affect our own lives and our view of ecological issues.

4 October God and the Big Bang The Rev’d Garth Barber
Garth Barber served as a Seaman Officer in the Royal Navy before “studying for Holy Orders” at St John’s College, Nottingham.  He served three years in the parish of Holy Trinity, Hounslow and went on to be the Anglican chaplain of the City of London Polytechnic.  At the time of this talk he was priest-in-charge of All Hallows, Twickenham.  Later he spent five years as chaplain at the University of East Anglia, then in 2002 he was appointed as priest-in-charge of Kingswood, Surrey.  An astrophysicist and cosmologist by training and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Garth continues to do research in cosmology and is concerned to build on the relationship between science and faith.  He is the Warden of the Society of Ordained Scientists.
Recording of the talk. †
11 October A Buddhist View of Creation Sister Candasiri
Ajahn (teacher) Candasiri was born in Scotland in 1947 and was brought up as a Christian.  After university, she trained and worked as an occupational therapist, mainly in the field of mental illness.  In 1977 an interest in meditation led her to Buddhism.  At the time of this talk she was a senior nun at the Cittaviveka monastery at Chithurst, West Sussex;  later she moved to Amaravati monastery in Hertfordshire.
Recording of the talk. †
18 October Creating a Life Story Dr Margaret Marshall
Margaret Marshall is a retired general practitioner;  she is a Reader in the parish of St Lawrence with St Swithun, Winchester.
Recording of the talk. †
1 November Reclaiming the Community Nicholas Hildyard
At the time of this talk, Nicholas Hildyard was editor of The Ecologist, a British environmental journal.  Later he co-founded The Corner House, a UK non-governmental organisation focusing on environment, human rights and development issues.
Recording of the talk. †
8 November The Creation of Art The Rev’d Peter Murphy
At the time of this talk, Peter Murphy was vicar of three parishes in the New Forest: Lyndhurst, Emery Down and Minstead.  He retired in 2005.
Recording of the talk. †
15 November God and the Living World Dr Keith Fox
At the time of this talk, Keith Fox was Reader in Physiology and Pharmacology at Southampton University.  In 2000 he became Professor of Biochemistry at the same University.
Recording of the talk. †
22 November Creation Spirituality Professor Chris Clarke
Until 1999 Chris Clarke was Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. His research covered astrophysics, relativity, quantum cosmology, the philosophy of quantum theory and the physics of the brain. Since then he has taught and published on the relations between science and spirituality, as well as leading circle dance groups and creative workshops in ecological consciousness.
Recording of the talk. †

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Purity does not come in separation from but in a deeper penetration into the Universe … Bathe yourself in the ocean of matter; plunge into it where it is deepest and most violent; struggle in its currents and drink of its waters. For it cradled you long ago in your preconscious existence; and it is that ocean that will raise you up to God.
Teilhard de Chardin: Hymn of the Universe
O God of Wholeness, we rest in you …
You listen with us to the sound of running water, you sit with us under the shade of the trees of our healing, you walk once more with us in the garden in the cool of the day, the oil of your anointing penetrates the cells of our being, the warmth of your hands steadies us and gives us courage.
O God of Wholeness, we rest in you …
Jim Cotter

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