Space in the City

January 2008

at the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester
Wednesdays 12:30 – 13:00



         Wisdom for a Troubled World


  A series of talks by Richard Harries (Lord Harries of Pentregarth), former Bishop of Oxford  

9th JanuaryMorality and Religion in a Secular Age   9th
This talk (introduced by Bishop John Baker) is available here to play or download. †
The recording omits the first few seconds of Bishop Baker’s introduction.  Also, Lord Harries’ opening words, referring to Bishop Baker, are muted for about seven seconds.
16th JanuaryThe Shape of Christian Ethics   16th
This talk (introduced by Miggy Scott) is available here to play or download. †
There is a brief error in the recording:  it begins at very low volume and is brought up to normal volume after about five seconds.
23rd JanuaryManaging Power and Violence   23rd
This talk is available here to play or download. †
Most of the introduction, by David Scott, was not recorded.  His thanks to Lord Harries at the end, followed by notices, have been cut to save space.
30th JanuaryChristianity and Public Policy   30th
This talk (introduced by Revd Dr Howard Mellor) and the question-and-answer session following the talk are available here to play or download. †
There is a break in the question-and-answer recording, after about 15 minutes, when the tape was changed.

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Copyright of these recordings belongs to Lord Harries.  Recordings are made available with his kind permission, for personal, non-commercial use only.
The recordings have been placed on the Internet Archive:  each link above opens (in a new window) a page where you may play or download the recording in different ways.  To play, simply click the Play button (white triangle) in the player on the right-hand side;  alternatively, on the left-hand side under “Listen to audio”, click “VBR M3U”.  To download, right-click on the link to the MP3 file lower down the page, in the box under the heading “VBR MP3”, and choose “Save Target As ...”.

Gracious God,
You give us freedom to choose what is right and reject what is wrong;
grant us to recognise and rejoice in goodness wherever it is to be found.
Give wisdom to those whose decisions in the public sphere, in politics and business, shape all our lives.
Give us discernment in the choices we make this day, that all we do may reflect your Divine Wisdom in Jesus,
in whom, in the power of the Spirit, we come before you.

Lord Harries’ book “The Re-enchantment of Morality: Wisdom for a Troubled World” was published in paperback by SPCK Publishing in January 2008.

Previous series
  • The Autumn 2007 series of Space in the City was titled “Spirituality & ...”.  The programme page has recordings of all the talks in the series.
  • The May 2007 series was titled “After Anne Frank”.  The programme page includes the recording of Prof. Michael Taylor’s talk.
  • In January-February 2006, Rev. Joel Edwards gave four talks under the general title “Respect”.  The texts of his talks have been made available by the Evangelical Alliance.
  • A few years ago Bishop John Baker (formerly Bishop of Salisbury) gave a series of four talks on the Lord’s Prayer.  The texts of those talks are on the Kingdom Living web site.
  • Another series of talks by Bishop John Baker, “Between Faith and Doubt” (about God, about Jesus, about Good and Evil and about Life and Death), is also on the Kingdom Living web site.

Space in the City is organised by members of the churches of St Lawrence with St Swithun, St Peter’s and the United Church, in conjunction with the School of Spirituality.

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