Autumn 2012

at the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester
Wednesdays 12:30 – 13:00

Easter sunrise 


Six talks from eminent speakers who will engage with the subject of loss in a number of its guises – loss of hearing, loss of sight, disability, bereavement, genocide, ageing – but recognising that beyond loss there is hope to be found.

10 October Living as an Outsider: The Experience of Deafness The Rev’d Robert Sanday
Robert is married to Pip and they have three sons, and one grand-daughter. Robert grew up north of Bristol with his twin brother. His parents were both deaf and used sign language as their primary means of communication within the family. For twenty years Robert worked in the family business growing roses. After the ‘call’ he trained at Salisbury Theological College and served his Curacy at Old Town Parish in Swindon, before becoming Vicar of a Benefice on the Marlborough Downs. Twelve years ago Robert came to Winchester Diocese as Chaplain with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People. More recently, Robert added a parochial responsibility to his work with deaf people, by becoming vicar of Lord’s Hill and Lord’s Wood Ecumenical Parish.
Recording of the talk. †
Mr Sanday spoke without notes, so there is no text for this talk.
17 October Discovering Blindness Professor John M. Hull
John M. Hull is Honorary Professor of Practical Theology in The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education and Emeritus Professor of Religious Education in The University of Birmingham. He first lost sight at the age of thirteen, and after many years of partial vision, lost all light sensation in 1982. He has written extensively about this experience, and his books are in more than a dozen foreign languages. He was granted a life time achievement award by the RNIB in July earlier this year for his services to the literature of blindness.
Recording of the talk. †
The Daily Mail on 17 October included a feature article about John and Marilyn Hull.  You can read the article here.
24 October ‘Because He lives I can face tomorrow…’
Exploring the stages of loss faced by the mother of a child with profound learning disabilities, and the gifts of faith, hope and love emerging from what might seem a hopeless situation.
The Rev’d Professor Frances M. Young
Frances Young was Professor of Theology in the University of Birmingham until she retired in 2005. Her special interests are New Testament Studies and Early Christianity, and she is the author of many books, both academic and popular. As a Methodist minister she continues to lead worship and preach on Sundays. Her eldest son, Arthur, who was born with profound learning disabilities, has just left home for residential care – she and her husband have cared for him for 45 years. She has two other adult sons and three grandchildren.
Recording of the talk. †
There is no text for this talk.
7 November ‘Death is nothing at all’ ? Margaret Axford
Margaret Axford worked at King Alfred’s College for twenty five years, lecturing in English and Primary Education. She then studied for a Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford before training as a Reader in the Church of England. She currently serves in the parishes of St Bartholomew and St Lawrence with St Swithun here in Winchester. For several years she was a bereavement visitor with Winchester Bereavement Support, an experience which continues to inform her pastoral ministry. Like all people in later life, she has faced a number of significant bereavements of her own.
Recording of the talk. †
Text of the talk (PDF) kindly provided by Margaret Axford. †
14 November Reconciliation in a Traumatised Land: a Journey to Rwanda Professor Mary Grey
Mary Grey is a theologian and writer on social justice issues. Educated both at Oxford and Louvain University, Belgium, until recently she was D.J. James Professor of Pastoral Theology at the University of Wales, Lampeter. She is now a Visiting Professor at St  Mary’s University College, Twickenham, London, and Honorary Professor at the University of Winchester. She is a co-founder of the Winchester-based charity, Wells for India. Her recent writing has focused on eco-feminist issues of social justice. Her book To Rwanda and Back: Liberation spirituality and reconciliation (DLT 2007) emerged from a journey with the World Council of Churches’ Faith and Order Commission. She is currently working on peace issues in Israel/Palestine.
Recording of the talk. †
Script for the talk (PDF) kindly provided by Mary Grey. †
21 November ‘Sitting still amongst the rocks’: Engaging with loss in later life The Rev’d Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has been Director of St John’s Winchester Charity, which provides sheltered almshouse accommodation and nursing care for needy older people, since 1987. He is also non-stipendiary Assistant Priest in the parishes of Twyford, Owslebury, Morestead and Colden Common. He is a past Chairman of Age Concern Winchester and also a past Director of the Winchester Samaritans. For some years he served as a voluntary Mental Health Act Manager at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital and was Vice-Chairman of its hearings panel. He is currently a member of the research group of the Christian Council on Ageing, and has also served on the Council’s national executive. For ten years he was Chairman of the Winchester Diocesan Council for Social Responsibility and a Bishop’s nominee on the Diocesan Synod. He is particularly interested in how we sustain our spirituality in later life.
Recording of the talk. †
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Text of the talk, with footnotes (PDF) kindly provided by Michael Jackson. †

Wednesdays at 12:30
at the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester
Sandwiches available after each talk
Admission is free, but we rely on donations to fund expenses.

Copyright of each recording or text belongs to the speaker.  Recordings and/or texts are made available here, by kind permission of the speakers, for personal, non-commercial use only.  Texts are not transcripts of the talks.  Speakers often depart from their scripts to amplify, give examples or even add extra points, so the texts and the recordings may differ.

Lord of life and love, bring, we pray,
to the blind the hope of glory,
to the deaf the hope of belonging
to the disabled, old or young, the hope of inward strength
to those whose world is in ruins, the hope of an eternal home,
to the bereaved the hope of hearts reunited,
and to us the love that is open to share each pain,
and by sharing to help bring hope beyond loss.
John Austin Baker

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