at the United Church, Jewry Street
Wednesdays at 12:30
1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 May 2013

A Spiritual

How might engaging with
 –  the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator  –  the Enneagram  – 
 –  Walking a Labyrinth  –  a Spiritual Director  –  your Dreams  – 
assist you in your spiritual journey?

Five talks on these fascinating subjects, from the experts!
1 May How the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® can support our Spiritual Journey
or ‘Surprisingly, not everyone sees things my way!’

The MBTI® is widely used but not always wisely used.  Michael summarises its considerable value as a tool for self-awareness and development, along with appropriate cautions.  He indicates how it can usefully be extended as a support, and in making choices, during our spiritual journey.
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph’s early background is in management in large organisations.  For many years now he has focused on encouraging personal development and more effective personal and professional relationships both in the workplace and elsewhere through coaching and workshops.  He also has developed a strong interest in Spirituality in the Second Half of Life, particularly from mid-life and through retirement.
Recording of the talk †
Text for the talk (PDF) †
Handout – MBTI scales diagram (PDF) †
Handout – MBTI resources (PDF) †
8 May Using the Enneagram to help you on your spiritual journey – A tool of understanding and compassion. Heather Brown
Heather Brown is a leadership workshop facilitator and coach who works with a wide range of organisations including Winchester Diocese.  She is also a Certified Teacher of the Enneagram and has found it very useful on her own spiritual journey.
Recording of the talk †
Heather Brown’s notes for the talk (PDF) †
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15 May The Labyrinth:  a path to prayer Sally Welch
The Rev’d Sally Welch is a priest working in the centre of Oxford.  She is the Oxford Diocesan Labyrinth Adviser and gives workshops on the use of the labyrinth in prayer as well as lecturing on other aspects of spirituality.  She is an experienced pilgrim and labyrinth walker and has undertaken many pilgrimages across England and Europe. She is the author of five books on spirituality.
Sally Welch on the labyrinth Recording of the talk †
Sally Welch spoke without notes, so there is no text for this talk.
On the floor of the United Church Mrs Welch laid a cloth labyrinth based on the labyrinth in the floor of Chartres Cathedral.  On Wikimedia Commons there are some pictures of that labyrinth and a diagram of the layout.
22 May Spiritual Direction:  Walking alongside Peter Lippiett
The Rev’d Canon Dr Peter Lippiett is an Anglican priest, and was until recently Spirituality Advisor in the Diocese of Portsmouth.  Now retired to Twyford, near Winchester, he works at being a husband, grandfather, gardener and traveller, and assists in local parishes.  He has been a medical doctor, parish priest, retreat house warden and leader of an international, ecumenical Christian community.
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29 May Healing Dreams
Considering that a third of the Bible is related to dreams and their outcomes it is surprising that we seldom have any teaching in this subject in our churches.  We shall therefore be exploring the role and purpose of dreams in our personal and spiritual growth.
Russ Parker
The Rev’d Dr Russ Parker has been Director since 1995 of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, which exists to resource and educate the church in the Christian Healing Ministry.  Russ is the author of a number of books which include:  Healing Dreams, Healing Death’s Wounds (with Michael Mitton), Free to Fail, Forgiveness is Healing and Dream Stories, among other titles.  His latest book is an anthology of prayer poems for public and private use, Wild Spirit of the Living God.
Russ travels extensively around the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching in issues connected with the Christian Healing and Healthcare, Reconciliation and Church Transformation.
Recording of the talk †
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Russ Parker spoke with minimal notes, so there is no text for this talk.

Wednesdays at 12:30
at the United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester
Sandwiches available after each talk
Admission is free, but we rely on donations to fund expenses.

Copyright of each recording or text belongs to the speaker.  Recordings and/or texts are made available here, by kind permission of the speakers, for personal, non-commercial use only.  Texts are not transcripts of the talks.  Speakers often depart from their scripts to amplify, give examples or even add extra points, so the texts and the recordings may differ.

“The longest journey is the journey inwards
of those who have chosen their destiny,
who have started upon their quest for the source of their being”
Dag Hammarskjöld, “Markings”
O God, give each of us
the integrity of heart
and holiness of character
that we may feel at home
in your presence.
Future series
Autumn 2013:“Engaging with God – Worship, Ways and Words.”  2,9,16,23 October and 6,13 November at the United Church, Winchester.

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